The Committee on Contributions and Administrative and Budgetary Matters (CCAAP) was established by resolution CG/Res.106 (V), adopted on 21 April 1977 by the OPANAL General Conference.
The Financial Regulations, in its Article 8, establishes that the CCAAP shall review compliance with the provisions of the Financial Regulations and inform the Council on each of its meetings. Moreover, it shall have the following functions:
a) review, analyse and formulate recommendations regarding the Budget and Scale of Financial Contributions submitted by the Secretary-General in accordance with Chapter IV of the Financial Regulations; b) evaluate extraordinary expenses, in accordance with Article 13; c) suggest specific actions so that Member States in arrears in the payment of their Financial Contributions can meet their financial obligations; d) evaluate the reports presented by the Secretary-General on the financial situation of OPANAL and the implementation of the Budget; d) examine the financial statements certified by the External Auditor, prior to their presentation to the Council and the General Conference; f) guide the Secretary-General in administrative and budgetary matters in accordance with the instructions of the Council and the General Conference.
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