Preparatory Commission for the Denuclearization of Latin America (COPREDAL)

COPREDAL meetings were carried out on the following days: First Session: 15 to 22 March 1965 Second Session: 23 August to 2 September 1965 Third Session: 19 April to 4 May 1966 Fourth Session, Part I: 30 August 1966 Fourth Session, Part I:I: 31 January to 14 February 1967
Commission Documents
Available only in Spanish
COPREDALGeneral Documents
COPREBAL/DTWorking Papers
COPREBAL/OATComments on the Preliminary Draft Treaty
COPREDAL/LDraft Resolutions
COPREDAL/ARSummary Records
Subcommittee Documents
Available only in Spanish
COPREDAL/SUBGeneral Documents
COPREDAL/SUB/S/Inf.Information Documents
COPREDAL/SUB/LDraft Resolutions
COPREDAL/SUB/ARSummary Records
Documents of the Working Groups of the Commission
Available only in Spanish
Working Group B
COPREDAL/GBGeneral Documents
COPREDAL/GB/SGeneral Documents of the Secretariat
COPREDAL/GB/DTWorking Papers
COPREBAL/GB/S/DTWorking Papers of the Secretariat
COPREDAL/GB/LDraft Resolutions and Agreements
COPREDAL/GB/ARSummary Records
Working Groups of the Third Session
COPREDAL/GT.IWorking Group I
COPREDAL/GT-AHAd Hoc Working Group
COPREDAL/GTTTechnical Working Group
Working Groups of the Fourth Session
COPREDAL/GT.1Working Group 1
COPREDAL/GT.2Working Group 2
Documents of the Coordinating Committee
Available only in Spanish
COPREDAL/CCGeneral Documents
COPREDAL/CC/SDocuments of the Secretariat
COPREDAL/CC/DTWorking Papers
COPREDAL/CC/S/DTWorking Papers of the Secretariat
COPREDAL/CC/OATComments on the Preliminary Draft Treaty
COPREDAL/CC/AESummary Records
Documents of the Negotiating Committee
Available only in Spanish
COPREDAL/CNNegotiating Committee
Documents of the Credentials Committee
Available only in Spanish
COPREDAL/CVPCredentials Committee
Documents of the Secretariat
Available only in Spanish
COPREDAL/SGeneral Documents
COPREDAL/S/DTWorking Papers
COPREDAL/S/Inf.Information Documents
COPREDAL/S/BPPress Releases
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