Main Organs

General Conference

The General Conference is the highest body of OPANAL. It is made up of all the States Party to the Treaty of Tlatelolco, that is, the 33 States of Latin America and the Caribbean. The General Conference holds meetings every year where it makes decisions about the functioning and agenda of the Agency. 


The Council is made up of five Member States of the Organization - currently Belize, Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Its five Members are elected by the General Conference and meet continuously to ensure compliance with the obligations established by the Treaty of Tlatelolco. 


The Secretariat is made up of a Secretary General and the personnel he requires. The Secretary General holds office for a period of four years, and may be re-elected for a single additional period. In accordance with the decisions of the Conference and the Council, the Secretary General ensures compliance with the obligations and objectives of the Treaty of Tlatelolco. 

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