Internship Program open to all nationalities


The objective of the internship program at the OPANAL Secretariat is to provide work experience opportunities to young professionals, diplomats, and undergraduate and graduate students from various areas of study.

The internship program is thus a component of OPANAL's activities in the field of education for disarmament and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, developed in accordance with decisions of the General Conference of OPANAL.

Participants will receive support and guidance from Secretariat officials when carrying out the activities assigned to them, which include:

  • Support in the preparation of meetings;
  • Support in the development of proposals that promote the Agency's programs;
  • Support in the translation of documents (particularly Spanish↔ English, knowledge of French and/or Portuguese would be an advantage);
  • Support in the organization of the Archive;
  • Other tasks assigned by the Secretary General.

Starting in 2022, OPANAL supports interns with $1,000.00 MXN per month as encouragement and recognition of their constant work during their period at the Agency. However, you will not be responsible for covering any travel, accommodation or medical insurance expenses for the entire period of your internship. Likewise, non-Mexican interns or interns who are not residents in Mexico must manage and comply with the immigration procedures established by the Government of Mexico. It is important to note the educational nature of the internship when carrying out these procedures.

In order to reinforce the effective participation of women in the Agency, its bodies and programs, applications are encouraged from candidates interested in the internship program.

The General Conference of OPANAL in its XXVIII Session, held on November 3, 2023, adopted the Resolution CG/Res.12/2023 “Gender, non-proliferation and disarmament” which resolves: “Urge the Secretariat to, together with the Council, incorporate a gender perspective and support and strengthen the effective participation of women in the Agency, its organs and programs.” In this sense, in order to reinforce the effective participation of women in the Agency, its bodies and programs, applications are encouraged from candidates interested in the internship program..
Likewise, the OPANAL Secretariat is committed to creating a diverse, multicultural and inclusive environment of mutual respect. The selection process of interns will be carried out without distinction of race, religion, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, nationality, etc., based on qualifications, competence, integrity and organizational need with a gender balance approach.

5 months

Monday to Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m.

Friday from 9:00 am to 02:00 pm

The interns will not enjoy any privileges or immunity from the Host State.

OPANAL does not provide interns with any insurance, whether medical or any other type. It is your responsibility to have the insurance you require.

Interns are obliged to maintain complete confidentiality of any information that has not been published by the Agency to which they have had access during the period of their internship. They may not publish any report or document based on the information obtained unless they receive express authorization from OPANAL to do so.

Open to any career with an emphasis on:

  • Studies in International Relations, Law, Political Science, Translation, Programming/Software, Journalism.
  • Demonstrate interest in disarmament, non-proliferation, international security.
  • Research and writing skills.
  • Desirable command of two of the four official languages ​​of OPANAL (Spanish, English, French, Portuguese).

To apply, send the following documents to the email [email protected].

  1. Curriculum Vitae (2 pages maximum)
  2. Cover letter (2 pages maximum)
  3. Copies of proof of university studies (including courses and grades)
  4. A letter of academic or professional recommendation
  5. Copy of passport or official identification
  6. Medical record of your general state of health
  7. Proof of medical insurance with coverage in Mexico (once accepted to the internship)

All documents must be addressed to the Secretary General of OPANAL, Ambassador Flavio Roberto Bonzanini.

Océane Van Geluwe – France (2023)

Juliany Aime Alcocer Angeles – Mexico (2023)

Jose Joaquin Eguia Velez – Mexico (2023)

Ursula Patricia Caturla Rodríguez – Spain and Peru (2023)

Benjamín Ramírez – Mexico (2022)

Grecia Moya Sedano – Mexico (2022)

Fernando de la Parra – Mexico (2022)

Ana Vanessa Espinoza – Mexico (2022)

Daniela Cordero – Mexico (2022)

Lisa van der Kaaden – Netherlands (2021)

Andrés Torres Hernández – Mexico (2021)

Paulina González Araiza – Mexico (2021)

Maria Clara dos Santos Nogueira – Brazil (2020)

Alexandra Biallais – France (2019)

Michelle Ramírez Mejía – Mexico (2019)

Sandra Cristina Zapata Carmona – Colombia (2019)

Toshie Ozaki – Japan (2019)

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